It’s Wine Club Season!

Summer has come and gone and Fall is upon us which means Harvest! After 12 months of carefully coaxing our grapes to be the best they can be – whether it was showing our tender loving care through pruning, whispering to the vines, or carefully guiding trellises – picking parties arrived and plucked the fruits of our labor ever so gently. Winemaker Bill and Toby, Resident Cellar Rat, continue to keep the hive buzzing at a low honk and while the picking has subsided, pump overs and pressing has taken precedence.

Meanwhile, in the Tasting Room and the office, the Bandits and Goddesses are striving to keep up with the flow of orders. Some folks have been waiting for the heat to die down for their wine to be shipped to them, while others have simply been waiting for Wine Club Season.  The entire Valley has been waiting for this and preparing all summer long, but here we are confronted with a glut of orders and trying our darnedest to keep up and get you your wine.  Orders are flowing, although not as quickly as we would like, and wine is being shipped (and consumed) at record pace.

img_1993We are working hard to get your wine to you as soon as goosely possible, but if you are curious where your order is, please drop us a line at or give us a jingle at (707) 944-1986.  We look forward to having a chat and sharing the latest in Goosecross news whether it be what Bill has in the barrel or what Christi’s favorite wine is today.

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