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by David on June 24, 2007

So fruity, so supple, so elegant when it’s at its best. Our poor friend Merlot has taken a beating recently because of the movie Sideways, but you might be surprised to know that it’s the most widely planted variety in Bordeaux. And Chateau Petrus, the most expensive wine of the Bordeaux region is, you guessed it, Merlot.

I know that when you think Bordeaux you think Cabernet, and it’s a major player, but Merlot trumps it in volume for a couple of reasons. One is its velvety deliciousness, and the other is more practical. It’s an early ripener, relative to Cabernet, so it’s less likely to be damaged by rain, plus it tends to produce greater yields. It’s kind of like hiring a reliable employee. You know it will be there for you!

Join Goosecross Director of Education, Nancy Hawks Miller, as she continues her series on the major wine varietals.

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