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2001 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

by David on October 13, 2005

The growing season of vintage 2001 will long be remembered as a fantastic harvest! However, “Mother Nature played her tricks and gave me a lot to manage in the vineyard… but she came through in the end,” remarked Geoff Gorsuch, our winemaker.

Persistent spring frost followed by unseasonable heat thinned the crop, and put it far ahead of schedule. Finally, in July and August, mild temperatures gave the vines a breather, and allowed for the all-important “hang-time” the grapes needed to develop the fullness of flavor Geoff had been waiting for. After much hand care and hard work, we found ourselves blessed with an outstanding harvest… Cabernet Sauvignon in particular.

As always, our Napa Valley Cabernet is fruit forward and very accessible. The wine is elegant and expansive with layers of blackberry, plum, wild berry, cherry cordial, nutmeg and cloves. A remarkably evolved, fragrant nose expresses great depth of flavors and a hint of chocolate and tobacco. Firm, yet silky tannins and a cedar finish make this Cabernet enjoyable now or in the years to come.

Food Suggestions
A substantial wine calls for substantial food, and this limited release Cabernet pairs beautifully with hearty beef dishes, grilled sausages and wild game. For an extraordinary treat, pair the Cabernet with prime rib or Geoff’s favorite – cassoulet. Our staff loves it with chocolate and fresh berries—give it a try!


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