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Loyalty Program Details

Goosecross Membership raises the bar and can’t be beat with our Loyalty Program for Club Members only! Our unique Loyalty Program is designed to reward you for your devotion, and give you bonus points for all of your Goosecross® and ÆROS® brand wine purchases.

Our Loyalty Program gives you these extra benefits:

  • Every $1,000 spent with Goosecross in a single calendar year (ending 12/31) you will earn 1,000 (one thousand) bonus points
  • Receive 1,000 bonus points per year of continuous and contiguous membership on your club anniversary (i.e. A 10 year club member receives 10,000 points)
  • Receive 1,000 bonus points for each timely pick up of your club wines from the winery
  • Receive extra points when you make purchases during a winery event or during select sales
  • …and more to come!

Quick Note: Members DO NOT get their club discount when redeeming reward points. Members cannot redeem points in order to receive free wine. Points and Reward Certificates have no cash value.

Now comes the best part – Your Goosecross Reward points can be redeemed at any time for Reward Certificates at the rate of $1 for every 100 accumulated points. Reward Certificates can be used to purchase any Goosecross and ÆROS wines in our online store or at the winery.

Benefit tiers based on tenure
With loyalty comes great rewards! We value our relationship and want to keep it fresh as the years go by.