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Goosecross Loyalty Rewards

What is the Goosecross Rewards Program?
Goosecross Rewards is a loyalty program designed to reward members for their dedication to the club.  Additionally, members will have access to specials and promotions year around.

How do I earn points?

Here are some examples:

  • Receive points for your Wine Club Anniversary
  • Bonus points awarded for Will Call
  • Double point promotions
  • …and lots more!

When do points expire?
Points expire each year on December 31st. If you earn points right before the expiration date, we give them to you in January, so you have a whole year to use them.

What does a point = in $$
In plain and simple terms, a point is worth a penny. To figure out how this works, just move the decimal point over two places to the left, so 500 points = $5.00

What can I buy with those points?
Points can be redeemed for any Goosecross® and ÆROS® wine except insurance and sales tax (just like grocery store coupons).

Do I earn additional points for being a longtime member?
Yes. Our tenured members will receive loyalty points on the anniversary month of joining our wine club. For every year of membership, you’ll get 1,000 points
(example: 5 years = 5,000 points, 7 years = 7,000 points, 12 years = 12,000 points).

Do I need my membership card to earn points?
No. Points will be automatically added to your account each month as you accrue them, and a quarterly Loyalty Point statement will be emailed to you.

What if I don’t have enough points to buy what I want?
Don’t worry! The value of your points will be deducted from your total purchase. You can also earn more points (see above) until you accumulate the desired amount.

How do I buy with my points?
You have 3 choices to buy with points:
1. Redeem online – just put a note in the customer comments section at check out that says that you want to apply your points towards your purchase.
2. Call us – we’ll make it easy and do all the math for you!
3. Hold on to them for an excuse to visit our Tasting Room and redeem your points in person.

Where do I go to view information and details about Goosecross Rewards?
You should find the answers to all your questions here on and can access the page directly by clicking to the Loyalty Program Details here. Additionally, our staff will be available from 9:00 am to 6:00pm (Monday – Friday) to answer any questions you may have and provide customer service by phone at (800) 276-9210.

Thank you for being our valued club member! We look forward to serving you again soon.