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The Perfect Menu for Mother’s Day!

by David on May 4, 2009

It’s just a few, short days away and you want to do something really special for the one who gave you milk and cookies after school and dried your tears when your feelings got hurt, right? Well, Colleen, a thankful daughter and a mother herself, came up with this stress-free, three-course menu that’s as easy as pie – sorry, no pie included 😉 and absolutely yummy!

  • Dessert: Super-easy and delicious Orange Muscat Slush! A great, refreshing dessert for an al fresco lunch or dinner! Just pour the State Lane Orange Muscat into dessert cups and mix in a heaping tsp. of superfine sugar and a good squeeze of lemon, to taste. Put the dessert cups in the freezer for about 1.5 hours (for 4 oz. cups, longer for bigger). It should be nearly hard. Stir it up so that the frozen rim mixes with the liquid interior and freeze, again, for about 15 minutes. Stir in some berries, if you like, and serve! If you want pink slush, just puree some berries and stir them in (strawberries or raspberries are particularly good). Enjoy!

About Orange Muscat: Never heard of it? You’ve got lots of company! There are only a few hundred acres of it in the entire state, but those of us with access take full advantage…

A berry happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, daughters and sons out there! Cheers!

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