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Punching Down the Cap

by David on October 28, 2010

This brief video is a show and tell on why and how we punch down the “cap” of skins during wine fermentation. Enjoy! Subscribe


Goosecross: First Day of Crush, 2010

by David on September 10, 2010

We’ve had a busy day! In this 2-minute video you see Napa Valley old-vine Chenin Blanc being crushed and pressed. How sweet it is! Subscribe


Wine Blending Q & A with our Winemaker

by David on April 16, 2010

There are so many ways to look at blending wine: Blending grape varieties, different vineyard lots, locations, barrel lots and more. I sat down with Geoff Gorsuch, our Winemaker, and also Jeff Booth, our consulting winemaker, to discuss the endless possibilities. Q: I think when we hear the term blending, we tend to think first about blending […]


NVWR® 101 – Wine Clarification

by David on April 6, 2010

There are many processes behind the scenes when winemaking, some more complex than others. In this episode we thought it would be interesting to present what is meant by “racking” and “fining” the wine. Jeff Booth of Jeff Booth Consulting describes the why, when, and how of the various methods used to clarify the wine. […]


Q: Sulfites/California Wine/Headaches

by David on February 7, 2010

Question from Susan: We have a friend who claims that she can only drink French reds because California reds have more nitrates/nitrites and give her headaches. Is this possible or is it a bit of wine snobbery? Reply: Hi, Susan! Thanks for writing! I think your friend must have meant sulfites rather than nitrites. I’m […]


Aging the Wine “Sur Lie”

by David on January 7, 2010

In this 2-minute video winemaker Geoff Gorsuch of Goosecross Cellars of the Napa Valley does a show and tell on why we age our Chardonnay “sur lie” and stir the lees weekly. Enjoy! More videos Subscribe


What Puts the Sparkle in Sparkling Wine?

by David on December 28, 2009

With New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, you might wonder what puts the sparkle in sparkling wine?  Did you know that the pressure inside a bottle of Traditional Method sparkling wine has been compared to the tire pressure on a double-decker bus?? Typically about 5-6 atmospheres or 60-90 pounds per square inch. Open that bottle with […]


Goosecross: Pressing Cabernet Franc

by David on November 18, 2009

It’s all glamour, working at a winery! In this 2-minute video you’ll see the Cabernet Franc being drained and the grape skins being shoveled out of the fermentation tank and pressed after the fermentation is over. Enjoy! More videos Subscribe  


Goosecross: What is Fermentation?

by David on November 12, 2009

In this 2-minute video wine fermentation,  the conversion of grape juice to wine, is explained. Enjoy! More videos Subscribe  


Goosecross: 2009 Vintage Recap

by David on November 9, 2009

Have you heard that every year is the same here in Napa Valley? Don’t you believe it! After the drama of the 2008 vintage with its roller coaster of weather-related challenges, we enjoyed a remarkably mild, blissfully uneventful 2009 growing season. That is, until Mother Nature tossed us a curve ball on October 13th. We […]