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by David on November 23, 2010

As in: “Nice legs on that wine!” What are they? Those driplets that come down the side of your glass. Are they a sign of quality? Nope. If the wine forms noticeable legs rather quickly it has a fairly high level of alcohol. And, that’s neither good nor bad. Alcohol gives “big” wine much of […]


Wine Tasting Basics

by David on November 1, 2010

There’s a common misconception that good tasters are a rarefied group with special abilities. Nonsense. The reason most of us aren’t good tasters is that we haven’t tried. Most of the time when you have wine you’re conversing and there’s food, music and all kinds of distractions. It’s hard for anyone to evaluate anything under […]


Visit Our Tasting Room

by David on January 13, 2009

Enjoy Goosecross wine in our intimate barrel cellar. We take pride in providing one of the most enjoyable, informative and friendly experiences in the wine country. The Wine Country Weekly Review recently reported, “If you want to see a small winery… (and) love good wine, the spot to visit is Goosecross Cellars.” We are open […]


NVWR® 24 – Anyone Can Be A Good Taster!

by David on September 5, 2006

In this episode we bring some of the key elements of our long-running Wine Basics Class® right into your home. Started in 1995 by winery Owner Colleen Topper, this highly-regarded class has been written up in “Sunset Magazine” as well as many other prestigious travel and news publications. Since Nancy Hawks Miller joined Goosecross in […]


If you’re planning to have a wine tasting party at home or want to start a tasting group, Erin McKee and Mark Jardarian, two of our winery tasting room representatives, will tell you everything you need to know to host a party that’s both fun and educational. Text: Hosting a Tasting at Home


NVWR® 10 – Wine Service at Home

by David on March 28, 2006

Here are some good, basic tips on how to get the most out of your wine when you’re entertaining at home from Erin McKee, Jose Garcia, and Mark Jardarian, our tasting room staff. They offer practical suggestions for selecting the glasses, deciding on the serving temperature, knowing when and why to decant and more. Text: […]


NVWR® 3 – Tasting Tips

by David on November 1, 2005

Tasting Tips featuring vintage 2004 Goosecross Chardonnay as the wine selected for this episode. Text: Wine Tasting Basics