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You Can’t Buy Wine Grapes at the Supermarket

by David on December 26, 2010

Well, I’ve seen them at Whole Foods, here in Napa, but I expect it’s quite unusual. Wine grapes and the grapes we eat aren’t the same species. You can find wine made of native American, Concord grapes, but it has a tiny market niche. The vast majority of us seem to prefer wine that’s made […]


Muscat Canelli

by David on December 1, 2009

This grape is a mysterious seductress! A dyed in the wool Cabernet drinker will melt at the first whiff of heady, floral Muscat Canelli. Mysterious? It appears to be living under a number of assumed names. There are numerous grapes called Muscat, many of them redundant. Let’s talk about what it is before we address […]


Question from Quincy: We are having a debate about the origin of California wine. We hope you can solve it. Where do California wines originate from? Are there any grapes native to California? I was told that California grapes repopulated the French wine country when the grapes were wiped out about 30 years ago. Did […]