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Q: Which Wines need to Breathe?

by David on June 9, 2008

Question from Jack: Which wines need to breathe? Reply: Hi, Jack! Thanks for writing! I suppose any well-made wine can benefit from getting a little air before serving, except sparkling wine and very old wine, but young reds seem to benefit the most. I’m going to suggest that you go a step beyond pulling the cork […]


I hope some of you enjoyed the great menu that Colleen, our proprietor, created for Mother’s Day. In the interest of equal time, she’s developed yet, another, incredible menu to treat David for Father’s Day. This one has an Italian theme! She managed to put together four dishes that are all delicious with our Zinfandel! […]


NVWR® 65 – Wine Basics Class

by David on May 13, 2008

We’re moving into my favorite time of year – with the weather warming up it’s time to start tours and classes at Goosecross again! Wine Basics Class© Goosecross is pleased to announce the 14th season of our free Wine Basics Class! Please join us at Goosecross Cellars for a morning of fun, informative, and down […]


NVWR® 64 – Peter Marks, Master of Wine

by David on April 22, 2008

In this episode, Peter Marks, will tell us about what he does, how he attained the title “Master of Wine” and what kinds of career opportunities exist for those who pursue this very demanding course of study.


Spring has Sprung

by David on April 9, 2008

We’re off and running with the 2008 vintage. The vines here at the winery started coming out of dormancy right on time, mid-March, and they’re growing like crazy! Usually Merlot and Cabernet Franc are the first on our estate to bud out, then the Cabernet and finally the Petit Verdot. The harvest will probably follow […]


Can California Wines Be Aged?

by David on February 13, 2008

Question from Jessica: I recently was told by a French wine connoisseur that he would not open a California wine bottle for 10 years +/- as he does with most of his French wines. When I purchased the wine, they told me that California wines are to be opened young. Can you please tell me […]


NVWR® 58 – Why Do We Toast?

by David on December 25, 2007

Here’s a background on the tradition of toasting each other from Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education, and prepare for a sumptuous New Year’s Eve celebration with a very special menu from Colleen Topper, our proprietor and in-house chef. Search for these and other delicious recipes, paired with wine, in Colleen’s Kitchen at […]


Global Warming: Napa Valley Cools its Heels

by David on December 22, 2007

As I dragged myself out of bed to 27 degrees F. this morning, one of many freezing mornings in recent weeks, I thought there just might be something to this very interesting article from Appellation America. There wasn’t an actual comment on winter weather but, jeepers, it’s cold!!!Anyway, to get to the point, the article quotes […]


Let the Batonnage Begin!

by David on October 29, 2007

The 2007 Estate Chardonnay is dry, barreled up, and today begins the batonnage (See video). But, before we can talk about batonnage, we’d better talk about aging the wine “sur lie”. If you read a basic winemaking text, it will usually advise you to get the wine off the dead yeast cells and grape solids […]


Fun with SimVin

by David on October 7, 2007

For those of you listened to our Napa Valley Wine Radio episode on what it takes to start a vineyard or winery, or if you’re one of the many who has that occasional fantasy, you can literally play it out in a somewhat addictive game called SimVin. I learned about this courtesy of Tom Wark […]