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Welcome to Napa Valley Wine Radio! Thanks for listening! Winemakers, Geoff Gorsuch, Jeff Booth, and Bob Pepi discuss vineyard practices & their influence on quality. Their discussion includes influence of yields, hillside vs. valley-floor vineyards and deficit irrigation, among other topics.


NVWR® 72 – Do Old Vines Make Better Wine?

by David on October 7, 2008

Do old vines make better wine? When you see “old vine” on the label, do you assume that the quality will be higher or the flavor more intense? I thought it would be interesting to explore the subject with Winemakers Geoff Gorsuch, Bob Pepi, and Jeff Booth. Enjoy! Winemakers: Jeff Booth, Geoff Gorsuch, Bob Pepi

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2008 Vintage Update, Part 2

by David on August 25, 2008

As we said in July – it’s been interesting, so far, and continues to be. In our last update, we reported virtually no damage from the various challenges that have come our way: frost, heat, wind, rain, smoke. But, once the clusters were more developed, Geoff Gorsuch, our Winemaker, noticed a higher incidence of “shatter”1 […]


2008 Vintage Update, Part 1

by David on July 1, 2008

It’s been interesting, so far. We saw the first signs of new growth right on time, middle of March, accompanied by night after night of frost. 2008 has been called the worst year for frost in about 30 years and millions of dollars in loss was reported throughout the north coast. So, what do we […]


It seems hardly a day goes by without a reference to the green movement. And for those of us who follow agricultural news, there’s a story on biodynamic farming nearly every week. What’s it all about? Is it voodoo farming with its special preparations and practices or is it a sound approach to sustainable farming? […]


NVWR® 48 – Why do Clones Matter?

by David on August 7, 2007

What do we mean when we talk about grape clones or selections? Are they chosen for their performance in the vineyard or does it have more to do with the overall character of the wine? In this episode, Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education, will tell you a little about how they’re identified and […]

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Zinfandel has been called the “California grape” and was very nearly named California’s state historic wine. Relax and enjoy a glass of Zin as Nancy Hawks Miller, a 20-year veteran of the wine industry and our Director of Education, talks about why it deserves that title and tells you a little about its history and […]


In this episode Nancy Hawks Miller, a 20-year veteran of the wine industry and our Director of Education, explores the much-discussed topic of extended hang-time, its ramifications for grape growers and how it influences the balance of the finished wine. Especially for our listeners, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount on all Goosecross […]


NVWR® 37 – Vineyard Development

by David on March 6, 2007

What does it take to plant a vineyard and get it into production? Geoff Gorsuch, Goosecross Winemaker (and winery co-owner with our host David Topper), explains how we went about replanting our estate vineyard as he talks with Nancy Hawks Miller, a 20-year veteran of the wine industry and our Director of Education. Especially for […]


NVWR® 13 – A Year in the Vineyard

by David on May 9, 2006

Many of you have told us that you want to hear more about the vineyards so, in this episode, Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education, is talking to our Owner/Winemaker and Vineyard Manager, Geoff Gorsuch, about the annual growing cycle in the vineyard and what he needs to do to keep it going strong.