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Vineyard Update

It’s Pruning Time in the Vineyard

by David on January 4, 2010

A vineyard update from Goosecross, Napa Valley, Winemaker Geoff Gorsuch: I always look forward to pruning season every year because it’s great quiet time out there, just me and the vines. We get a lot of questions this time of year because some vineyards in the valley are already completely pruned, others look quite wild […]


Harvest Update from Goosecross

by David on October 9, 2009

Our Harvest Calendar tells the story. September brought us a few blasts of heat and the grapes came rolling in at a fairly rapid fire. The bad news: It’s exhausting to have so many burners going at once. The good news: A lot of the really hard work is behind us, now, so we begin […]


Geoff Gorsuch, our Winemaker,  will tell us about his strategy for thinning leaves as the grapes ripen. This was filmed at our estate vineyard in Yountville, Napa Valley. Enjoy! Subscribe


Blushing Beauties

by David on July 24, 2008

Those little green peas I told you about are beginning to blush and they’re a sight to be seen – such pretty little things… These little “peas” are actually Cabernet Sauvignon which is putting out signals that it’s thinking about coming home – not real soon – but maybe in about eight weeks, give or […]


Sleep Deprivation in Paradise

by David on April 26, 2008

As our Winemaker/Vineyard Manager, Geoff, remarked “This is global warming??” Ya gotta feel for him. It’s become a regular thing, getting up at 2:00 or 4:00 a.m. to hang out in the vineyard checking temperatures and listening to the radio until the sun’s up or he’s convinced we’re out of frost danger. Then it’s back […]


Spring has Sprung

by David on April 9, 2008

We’re off and running with the 2008 vintage. The vines here at the winery started coming out of dormancy right on time, mid-March, and they’re growing like crazy! Usually Merlot and Cabernet Franc are the first on our estate to bud out, then the Cabernet and finally the Petit Verdot. The harvest will probably follow […]


PRUNING 101: down to brass tacks

by David on March 21, 2008

In the last post Nancy, our Director of Education, recapped our staff “Pruning 101″ session. It was a great morning – everyone caught on really well and it was a bloodless coup – no trips to the emergency room! The vines seem to be OK, too. 😉 Anyway, Nancy asked me to tell you a […]


Pruning 101

by David on March 3, 2008

It’s March – I know these vines look like they’re dead right now, but they could wake up and start growing, literally, any minute, just like the roses in your garden. So, it’s time to get this business of pruning wrapped up. Geoff, our Winemaker, foolishly agreed to show us how it’s done. 😉 He’s […]


Lookin’ Good!

by David on August 14, 2007

Can’t get anyone to say anything bad about the 2007 vintage. The weather is just so darned agreeable! It’s doing it again today! When the human population is so blissfully comfortable, you can bet the vines are feeling good, too, so things are looking very rosy indeed! Be happy for the sparkling wine producers because […]


Bloom is Bustin’ Out All Over

by David on May 16, 2007

Well, we had New Years in March, and now I guess you’d say it’s Epiphany. The vines have started to bloom over the last week or so. Pretty spectacular, huh? Well, uh, on second thought… So, don’t bother rushing out here to see the romantic flowering of the vines. This is a bloom only in […]