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NVWR® 91 – Sherry Page Visits the Fatted Calf

by David on September 8, 2009

This episode is likely to give you a severe craving for sausage, bacon, salami or a good steak. Our great friend, Sherry Page of Culinary Getaways learns some amazing things about the world of artisanal charcuterie from Taylor Boetticher, founder and co-owner of the Fatted Calf in Napa. Enjoy! LISTEN MP3


NVWR® 89 – Long Meadow Ranch

by David on July 28, 2009

In this episode, our good friend Sherry Page of Culinary Getaways visits Long Meadow Ranch, a beautiful place that takes a holistic approach to farming by producing organic fruits and vegetables, olive oil, grass-fed beef, wine and even fresh eggs. It was a windy day at the ranch, so please bear with us as you hear […]

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NVWR® 78 – Mushrooms!

by David on February 10, 2009

In this episode, our good friend Sherry Page of Culinary Getaways delves into the world of mushroom foraging. Renowned forager, Connie Green of Wine Forest Mushrooms tells Sherry about the mushrooms that can be found here in Napa Valley and shares some of her favorite recipes including her recipe for chanterelle vodka!


Prepare yourself for the fascinating story of how Steve Sando, proprietor of Rancho Gordo here in the Napa Valley, specializes in tracking down heirloom and rare varieties of beans, grains, herbs and more. Discover why these culinary essentials make your every-day meals even more delicious as he chats with our good friend, Sherry Page of […]

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This episode features a fascinating interview with bee-keepers Spencer and Helene Marshall, who produce Marshall’s Farm honey here in the Napa Valley. Our friend, Sherry Page of Culinary Getaways, spends a little time talking with them about how honey gets from the flower to the jar, and they also offer some great tips on cooking […]

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In this episode Sherry Page of Culinary Getaways visits Round Pond, a producer of olive oil, vinegar and wine here in Napa Valley. Today, she focuses on how olive oil is grown and produced at Round Pond as she chats with Bill Chambers, the Estate Hospitality Manager. Especially for our listeners, we are pleased to […]


Get an inside look at the edible gardens at Copia, the American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa Valley. Sherry Page, owner of Culinary Getaways interviews Colby Eirman, the Director of Gardens at Copia and gets his take on pest management, French intensive gardening and why Copia is even a great place […]


NVWR® 29 – Thanksgiving Traditions

by David on November 14, 2006

In this episode, Goosecross proprietor Colleen Topper and Sherry Page, owner of Culinary Getaways, trade ideas on some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and dishes. For more information, please contact [email protected] and for recipes, visit Colleen’s Kitchen or We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on the purchase of Goosecross wines especially for […]


NVWR® 23 – Culinary Getaways

by David on August 22, 2006

Sherry Page, Proprietor of Culinary Getaways, describes her programs which offer a wonderful personal-touch and offers some fun culinary tips! Sherry also presents food-related things-to-do in the Napa Valley and Provence (France) as she browses the local farmer’s market with Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education. Text: Culinary Getaways