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Selling Wine

Get Real

by David on October 14, 2007

So, I was going off on the ratings system again in a recent post. Actually, it was this rant in the CityBeat blog about the ratings guide called “justwinepoints” that got me started again. I don’t like to call anything “dumb” but, as I’ve said before, I do believe these folks are misguided in the […]


I Can’t Keep Up With This, Either

by David on October 1, 2007

OK, how many of you have purchased a wine because you liked the label or because the packaging made the wine look more expensive than it was? I know I have. 😉 With the ridiculous and ever-increasing number of choices we have, you have to make a selection one way or another, right? And then […]


There were a couple of articles this week – one on the demise of Wine X magazine and the other on the purchasing habits of the Millennials— that seemed to be sending the same message in very different ways. Of course, theories abound as to why Wine X folded after 10 years. Wine X founder […]


Generic French Wine: Pourquoi Pas?

by David on February 6, 2007

“Vignobles de France” This is big, if it happens.  The French have proposed a new approach to wine labeling that will allow not only a varietal designation, but will permit producers to blend wines from different parts of France together to produce a style of wine that appeals to specific markets. And these specific markets, […]


Kermit Lynch, Wine Merchant

by David on November 21, 2006

As kind of a coda to my last posting, “Alternatives to Wine Ratings” in which I suggested you find a retailer you trust, I have to give a plug to one of my very favorite wine merchants, and he’s one I’ve actually never met. Kermit Lynch has to be the best wine writer on the […]


Alternatives To Wine Ratings?

by David on November 20, 2006

You’d think we’ve all read enough about wine ratings by now, but it’s a complex subject and everybody has an opinion. I’ve sometimes lamented that so many of us allow a small handful of powerful wine writers to tell us what to like, and therefore, to determine what sells. I wish we’d all be more […]

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Times, They Are A-Changin’

by David on October 16, 2006

As I wrote earlier in the Culinary Getaways a la Provencal entry (I know… when is this woman ever going to shut up about Provence, already??!!!), Colleen, our proprietor, and I have recently been slurping up as much wine (and food!) as we possibly could in the limited time we had in Provence and the […]


Dumbing down of wine labels and wine?

by David on September 18, 2006

I’ve been (casually) following the discussion on regarding new-world vs. old world, and something Trish said in New World vs. Old World Part Deux caught my attention. She was troubled by her own observation: “People want at-a-glance labels, suggested pairings, critters, playful names and specified grapes. They don’t want micro-appellations, regular-size appellations or any […]