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Petit Verdot

2007 Napa Valley Estate Petit Verdot

by David on August 19, 2010

The well-drained, rocky soil and warm, sunny afternoons here on our 9.5-acre Estate make it the ideal place for the tough-skinned, slow ripening Petit Verdot. With just three rows, total, this wine is exclusive to our Wine Club. Flavor profile: Dark, dense and luscious: Black plum, boysenberry, tobacco, sweet anise, vanilla and toasty oak with […]


2006 Napa Valley Estate Petit Verdot

by David on August 4, 2009

Traditionally, Petit Verdot accounts for single-digit quantities in a classic Bordeaux blend – a little goes a long way. For those who love bold concentration and intensity of flavor, it’s a luscious mouthful as a solo player. Flavor profile: Black plum, blackberry, black currant, cherry, tobacco, violet, vanilla, sweet anise and toasty oak. 2006 Vintage: […]


How We Make Our Estate Meritage

by David on June 20, 2009

In 2002, we had to re-plant our home vineyard here at the winery because the Chardonnay we planted in 1978 was diseased. The phrase “crisis as opportunity” comes to mind. After almost 25 years, we had a chance to take a fresh look at our property and re-evaluate what belongs here. It’s a process! We […]