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orange muscat

2010 Mendocino County Orange Muscat

by David on May 12, 2011

With just over 200 acres in all of California, Orange Muscat is rarely seen here. It rewards those who seek this specialty wine with its abundantly fruity, yet crisply refreshing characteristics. Breezy Mendocino is an ideal home for this delicate, early ripening variety that is most expressive when allowed to ripen slowly. Flavor profile: Fresh […]


Orange Muscat

by David on July 6, 2009

Common Synonyms: La Fleur d’Orange, Muscat Fleur d’Oranger, Moscato Fior d’Arancio and Orange Flora. With the sweet, heady perfume of orange blossom and stone fruit, it’s hard to understand why this is such an obscure variety. There are less than 200 acres of Orange Muscat throughout California. The French call it La Fleur d’Orange – […]


2007 State Lane Orange Muscat

by David on July 25, 2008

When Colleen Topper, Goosecross winery owner and in-house chef, decided to create a line of food-friendly wines to complement her extensive recipe database, she was thinking about the every-day cook and wanted to offer affordable wines for every-day enjoyment. The result is a special line of limited-production State Lane® wines. Goosecross Winemaker, Geoff Gorsuch, collaborated […]