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madeira wine

3 Great Things About Madeira

by David on December 28, 2010

This is another wine that warms us from within and tastes so good this time of year! Madeira is as perverse as it is delicious. It involves two of the biggest “don’ts” in a winemaking textbook! 1. Allowing the wine to oxidize is a real no-no because the wine will spoil. Well, oxidation is what […]



by David on July 1, 2009

Madeira, takes the prize as a winemaking oddity yet it’s one of the most luscious wines among the fortified options. You wouldn’t know it by checking the shelves in your wine shop these days, but fine Madeira has a long, illustrious history here in the US. According to Bartholomew Broadbent, one of our foremost authorities […]