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NVWR® 112 – 2010 Harvest Recap

by David on November 23, 2010

2010 is a year none of us will be able to forget for a very long time. Fortunately for us at Goosecross, this vintage year may very well produce some of the most flavorful wines in our 25 year history! Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of […]

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NVWR® 95 – Harvest Recap 2009

by David on December 1, 2009

It’s hard to believe another harvest has come and gone. If anyone has told you that every year is the same here in Napa Valley, don’t you believe it! Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while I tell you about this, seemingly, text-book growing season that threw us a curve ball at the […]


Goosecross: 2009 Vintage Recap

by David on November 9, 2009

Have you heard that every year is the same here in Napa Valley? Don’t you believe it! After the drama of the 2008 vintage with its roller coaster of weather-related challenges, we enjoyed a remarkably mild, blissfully uneventful 2009 growing season. That is, until Mother Nature tossed us a curve ball on October 13th. We […]


Goosecross: Harvest Ends with a Bang!

by David on October 29, 2009

Well – things took a rather dramatic turn after our last update! Shoulda known better than to brag about the great weather Mother Nature reminded us, once again, who’s in charge and she did it in spades. A mere four days after that post we got three+ inches of torrential rainfall in 24 hours here […]


A Year In The Vineyard

by David on July 8, 2009

Managing a vineyard, like many of the most worthwhile things in life, is a labor of love. Before planting, the grower must make a thorough investigation of the soils and meso-climate1 on the site to determine what variety will perform best in that situation. He must select the various clones2 and rootstock hybrids3 to suit […]


How We Make Our Estate Meritage

by David on June 20, 2009

In 2002, we had to re-plant our home vineyard here at the winery because the Chardonnay we planted in 1978 was diseased. The phrase “crisis as opportunity” comes to mind. After almost 25 years, we had a chance to take a fresh look at our property and re-evaluate what belongs here. It’s a process! We […]


How We Make Our Estate Chardonnay

by David on June 20, 2009

Wine making is so simple, it was discovered by accident. Fresh grape juice, unattended, will become wine sooner or later. But here’s the hard part: will the wine be any good? Science helps us bottle wine that is much more predictably sound than it was 100 years ago, but we can’t make memorable wine in […]