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Points and Place

by David on October 12, 2006

As I wrote in our blog titled Culinary Getaways a la Provence, Colleen Topper, our proprietor, and I have been extremely fortunate and thrilled to have spent a week exploring the wine and food of Provence and the southern Rhone. Ah, the ever-expanding waistline! I’ve been going through the memories and can’t help noticing that […]


A Perfectly Balanced Day In Provence

by David on October 10, 2006

Talk about perfect symmetry! As I wrote earlier in the entry called Culinary Getaways a la Provencal, Colleen Topper, our proprietor, and I have been in Provence and the southern Rhone tasting our palates off. And I believe we’ve discovered one of the most decadent ways to be educated in sensory evaluation. What a way […]


Culinary Getaways a la Provencal

by David on September 4, 2006

Since wine and food are inseparable (or should be) it’s an incredible delight to be invited on a Culinary Getaway with Sherry Page! Sherry is the exceptionally gracious hostess-with-the-mostest for folks who want an inside look at the food, wine and culture of places like the Napa Valley, Sausalito, Paris and Provence. If you know […]


Pairing Sparkling Wine with Food?

by David on August 28, 2006

I naturally gravitated toward Spittoon’s August 9 Blog on pairing sparkling wine with food, being a slave to the beverage. I was surprised to learn that so little is written about it, and yet, in a way, it makes sense because most people think of bubbly as something you sip at a celebration, not the […]


NVWR® 14 – Wine and Cheese Pairing

by David on May 22, 2006

Enjoying wine and cheese together is one of life’s great pleasures, but creating a harmonious match can be challenging. Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education has some practical information about which wines and cheeses are the most versatile and offers some guidelines on how to create delicious combinations. Text: Pairing Wine and Cheese


In this episode we learn a little about the history of Mother’s and Father’s Day from Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education. Then, Colleen Topper, our proprietor and in-house chef has planned some simple and delicious menus to make for memorable celebrations. For the complete experience, please go to, click on Colleen’s Kitchen […]


NVWR® 11 – Colleen’s Kitchen

by David on April 11, 2006

Colleen Topper, our Proprietor and Director of Public Relations also acts as our in-house chef. She has developed a remarkably extensive collection of her own recipes for you to enjoy at Today Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education talks to Colleen about where she gets her ideas and how she goes about creating […]


Colleen Topper, our Proprietor and in-house chef, has prepared some wonderful menus for Easter and Passover. Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education presents the traditions and symbols behind the foods we enjoy when we celebrate these holidays. Please go to, click on Colleen’s Kitchen and enjoy Colleen’s recipes for Passover and Easter such […]


NVWR® 8 – Restaurant Etiquette & Wine

by David on February 28, 2006

If you’ve wondered if you really have to smell the cork or what to do if you think you have a bad bottle this is the episode for you. Our Director of Education, Nancy Hawks Miller offers suggestions on the best way to order a wine you’ll really enjoy and what to expect when it […]

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NVWR® 7 – Wine & Food

by David on February 14, 2006

Pairing wine and food is easier than you think because they have a natural affinity. Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education takes a common sense approach to creating wine and food synergy with some time honored techniques and some less conventional approaches too. Explore our recipe collection. Text: Wine and Food Pairing