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food and wine pairing

How about something substantial and spicy for a cold winter’s day? The liberal peppering of all kinds of peppercorns in this recipe will warm you from within! Paired with a glass of our fruit-driven, spicy Tempranillo it’s one of Colleen’s favorites and really hits the spot! This is quick and easy to make whether it’s […]


5 Tips for Pairing Wine with Food

by David on December 13, 2010

Do you feel like you’re breaking the rules when you want a glass of red wine with your halibut? Are the old rules still valid? You shouldn’t worry about this business of pairing. In my experience, most wines and foods taste pretty good together and an ideal pairing for one person isn’t necessarily the best […]


Merlot and Cornish Hens with Merlot Glaze

by David on October 1, 2010

These little hens are big on flavor – why hold back when it comes to rosemary, garlic and thyme? But, easy on the cook! Just tuck in the herbs, baste the hens with a bit of raspberry-Merlot  glaze and into the oven they go! They’re absolutely delcious with our velvety, fruit-driven Napa Valley Merlot. Bon […]


Some clichés exist for a reason and here’s a classic example: Grilled steak paired with a really good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Honestly, can you imagine ever getting tired of such a simple, delicious pleasure? And, when you throw a healthy dose of garlic into the equation,  you’ve got a real crowd pleaser. This quick […]


2005 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

by David on May 21, 2010

When you’re in the mood for intensity, pull the cork on this one! Deep, dark flavors are a natural for mountain fruit. The water and nutrient-stressed vines at our Howell Mountain site yield tiny grapes that almost look like purple peas! The increased skin to juice ratio pumps up the volume when it comes to color, […]

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