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Santa Wants a Glass of Port!

by David on December 24, 2010

What keeps the gleam in his eye as he travels around the world in the freezing cold? I’m guessing it’s not a glass of milk! Absolutely, put out those cookies, because he needs plenty of sugar and carbs to keep going. But, if you pair them with Port you’ll help him keep warm and happy! […]


Pairing Wine With Sweets

by David on December 13, 2009

They’re everywhere, aren’t they? Christmas cookies, plates of fudge, so many temptations… How do you pair wine with those goodies? And hide your scale until after New Year’s 😉 Happy Holidays from all of us at Goosecross!


Muscat Canelli

by David on December 1, 2009

This grape is a mysterious seductress! A dyed in the wool Cabernet drinker will melt at the first whiff of heady, floral Muscat Canelli. Mysterious? It appears to be living under a number of assumed names. There are numerous grapes called Muscat, many of them redundant. Let’s talk about what it is before we address […]