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Colleen’s Kitchen

Why not pull out all the stops during this very festive time of year? Whether it’s for the whole family gathered around the holiday table or an intimate dinner party to celebrate the new year, this will be a meal to remember. One bite of the buttery fillet with the rich, supple ÆROS® reminds you of why this […]


Goosecross: Not All Pumpkins are Created Equal

by David on November 8, 2009

Getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Give a listen to this two-minute Fun Fact on the best pumpkins for baking! Speaking of Thanksgiving, Colleen has a great Thanksgiving menu for you on our homepage!  Of course it includes pumpkin pie, which is absolutely delicious with a glass of our Chenin Blanc.  So much to be grateful for! […]


New Recipe: Coq au Vin!

by David on November 20, 2008

Mmmm… with smoked applewood bacon, mushrooms, shallots, fresh herbs, lots of wine…  Just thinking about the Coq au Vin makes me ravenous! Yes, it’s comfort-food time as the days get shorter and shorter and the nights colder and colder. And, Colleen has come up with her own special take on a classic –  the perfect […]


NVWR® 58 – Why Do We Toast?

by David on December 25, 2007

Here’s a background on the tradition of toasting each other from Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education, and prepare for a sumptuous New Year’s Eve celebration with a very special menu from Colleen Topper, our proprietor and in-house chef. Search for these and other delicious recipes, paired with wine, in Colleen’s Kitchen at […]


NVWR® 11 – Colleen’s Kitchen

by David on April 11, 2006

Colleen Topper, our Proprietor and Director of Public Relations also acts as our in-house chef. She has developed a remarkably extensive collection of her own recipes for you to enjoy at Today Nancy Hawks Miller, our Director of Education talks to Colleen about where she gets her ideas and how she goes about creating […]