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The History of Champagne

by David on June 20, 2009

Sparkling wine is one of life’s great pleasures and shouldn’t be reserved just for special occasions. For Lord Byron, it inspired poetry: “Champagne with foaming whirls, as white as Cleopatra’s melted pearls.” Champagne, like most of the best things in life, was invented by mistake. But not the way we all think! I imagine we’ve […]


NVWR® 76 – Sparkling Wine 101

by David on December 30, 2008

With New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, what better time for a crash course in how sparkling wine is made? We looked into the history of Champagne in episode 31, so we know that sparkling wine, like table wine, was discovered by accident. Now, we recommend that you get yourself a glass of bubbly and settle […]


NVWR® 31 – The History of Champagne

by David on December 12, 2006

Explore the myths and the truth behind the birth of Champagne and its evolution with Nancy Hawks Miller, a 20-year veteran of the wine industry, and our Director of Education. We are pleased to offer a special price of $20.00 per bottle and free shipping on a case for our Goosecross Sparkling Rose and a […]

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