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Bob Pepi

Welcome to Napa Valley Wine Radio! Thanks for listening! Winemakers, Geoff Gorsuch, Jeff Booth, and Bob Pepi discuss vineyard practices & their influence on quality. Their discussion includes influence of yields, hillside vs. valley-floor vineyards and deficit irrigation, among other topics.


NVWR® 72 – Do Old Vines Make Better Wine?

by David on October 7, 2008

Do old vines make better wine? When you see “old vine” on the label, do you assume that the quality will be higher or the flavor more intense? I thought it would be interesting to explore the subject with Winemakers Geoff Gorsuch, Bob Pepi, and Jeff Booth. Enjoy! Winemakers: Jeff Booth, Geoff Gorsuch, Bob Pepi

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NVWR® 35 – Pepi-Booth Consulting

by David on February 6, 2007

In this episode, Bob Pepi and Jeff Booth of Pepi-Booth Consulting tell us about the nature of their work, why the industry has wine consultants, and how they fit into the world of wine as they chat with Nancy Hawks Miller, a twenty-year veteran of the wine industry and our Director of Education. We promised […]