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What is a Meritage Wine?

by David on September 1, 2010

With the release of the 2005 ÆROS®, in the spring of 2008, we introduced our first Meritage in 25 years of wine making. What is a Meritage? The Meritage Alliance was formed to distinguish high-quality, hand-crafted blends wines from ordinary, generic ones and, additionally, limits the blending to the traditional Bordeaux varieties which include these […]


Wine Blending Q & A with our Winemaker

by David on April 16, 2010

There are so many ways to look at blending wine: Blending grape varieties, different vineyard lots, locations, barrel lots and more. I sat down with Geoff Gorsuch, our Winemaker, and also Jeff Booth, our consulting winemaker, to discuss the endless possibilities. Q: I think when we hear the term blending, we tend to think first about blending […]