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Q: Sulfites/California Wine/Headaches

by David on February 7, 2010

Question from Susan: We have a friend who claims that she can only drink French reds because California reds have more nitrates/nitrites and give her headaches. Is this possible or is it a bit of wine snobbery? Reply: Hi, Susan! Thanks for writing! I think your friend must have meant sulfites rather than nitrites. I’m […]


Q: Conversion rate for fermentation?

by David on April 27, 2009

Question from Karen: I have a question for you… If you crush wine grapes and the juice has 20% sugar, is the alcohol 5%??? Looking forward to your answer. Thank you. Reply: Hi, Karen! Thanks for writing! Here’s a brief reply from our winemaker, Geoff Gorsuch: Depending on all the parameters, yeast, temperature, nutrients, and […]


Question from Linda: I am still confused. Is white zinfandel considered a red wine and does it have the benefits I keep reading about red wine? Reply: Hi, Linda. Thanks for writing! It seems that confusion about white/red Zin is extremely common, as I look through our “Ask the Educator” archives! So, here goes: Even […]


Q: White Zin/Red Zin

by David on December 22, 2008

Question from Richard: I was recently informed that white zin is always red, is this correct? Is that a shortened form of white zinfandel? Reply: Hi, Richard! Thanks for writing! There’s so much confusion about Zinfandel, White Zin (yes, Zin is short for Zinfandel – maybe also a term of endearment) – and blush! Not […]


Question from Dave: I always thought that the level of alcohol in a wine is dictated by the amount of sugar in the grape. Basically if you are producing a dry wine doesn’t the amount of sugar in the grapes dictate the percent of alcohol? I ask this because the wines in France are all […]


In this episode Nancy Hawks Miller, 25-year veteran of the wine industry and our Director of Education, takes on the top-5 most frequently asked questions in our online feature, “Ask our Educator“.


Q: How High can the Alcohol Get?

by David on July 9, 2007

Question from Caryll: My father, husband and I have been discussing what is maximum possible alcoholic content in non-fortified wine. Not sherry, port madeira etc. I have noticed the creeping increase in alcoholic content and have preferred the French wines, which until recently hovered around 12%. I seem to recall wines which reached almost 17% […]

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