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Q: How do I keep my left-over wine?

by David on May 22, 2008

Question from Anne: We can’t always finish the bottle over dinner and the left-over wine never seems to taste as good. Can you give me some advice about how to keep open wine? Reply: Hi, Anne! Thanks for writing! This is one of those questions I have to think about for a few minutes because […]


Old World, New World…

by David on May 9, 2008

Question from Lisa: Hi Nancy, I’m trying to understand the philosophical differences in wine making between old world and new world wines. Thank you for your time. Reply: Hi, Lisa! Thanks for writing! Complicated question, so bear with me… The lines between new world and old-world styles have begun to blur a bit but, classically, […]


Q: What is Terroir?

by David on April 25, 2008

Question from Hank: What do they mean when they talk about “terroir”? Reply: Hi, Hank! Thanks for writing – I think. This is a tough question, because there’s no one answer, so better get yourself a glass of wine… It’s a French term, with no direct English translation and, if you look it up online, […]


Q: What’s a “Dry” Wine?

by David on March 29, 2008

Question from Andrew: Hello. I’m confused about the term “dry”. What does it mean? Reply: Hi, Andrew! Thanks for writing! That term is misused so often that it’s no wonder everyone is confused. There’s a common perception that if you ask for a dry wine, you’re asking for a “good” one. Maybe it goes back […]


Can California Wines Be Aged?

by David on February 13, 2008

Question from Jessica: I recently was told by a French wine connoisseur that he would not open a California wine bottle for 10 years +/- as he does with most of his French wines. When I purchased the wine, they told me that California wines are to be opened young. Can you please tell me […]


Q: Store the bottle sideways or on a slant?

by David on January 7, 2008

Question from Mike: Should the wine rack be built to store the wine sideways or at a slight angle? I have a bet riding on this. Thanks, Mike Reply: Hi, Mike! Thanks for writing. Well, this one’s a draw. The vast majority of wine racks place the bottles in a horizontal position, but there’s nothing […]


Q: Proper Serving Temperatures?

by David on November 24, 2007

Question from Sally: Hello Nancy! We are members of the Goosecross wine club and have acquired some very good wines from you. We recently purchased a wine cooler. Can you please tell me the proper temperature for chilling/serving both whites and reds. Thank you for your prompt attention to this request. Reply: Hi, Sally! Thanks […]


Q: What About this Decanting Gadget?

by David on November 2, 2007

Question from Jeaninne: We just recently came across a device that you pour through into your glass that decantes or enhance the aroma and taste of the wine instantly. I cannot recall the name but it runs around $50. Have you heard of this? Reply: Thanks for writing! It’s quite a coincidence that you happen […]


Q: What to Serve at a Wine and Cheese Party?

by David on September 30, 2007

Question from Becky: I’m planning a wine and cheese party and I wonder what wines and cheeses taste best together. Thanks for your help! Reply:Hi, Becky. Thanks for writing! Wine and cheese parties are great fun and easy to do, too! First, let me say that I think most people worry too much about pairing wine and […]

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Q: Oak Chips in Place of Barrels?

by David on August 23, 2007

Question from James: I heard someone talking about using oak chips to make wine instead of putting it in a barrel. Can that be true? Say it isn’t so! Reply: Hi, James! Thanks for writing! I can offer you the comfort of knowing that top-flight producers still age their wine in oak barrels. We certainly […]

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