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Slurping the Wine

by David on December 15, 2010

We already talked about swirling. What about this business of slurping the wine?

Looks ridiculous, I know, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

So, take a sip of wine (I recommend using white wine for this experiment). Tastes good, huh?

Now, take another small sip (not too much or you’ll choke). Pull in some air over the top of the wine through your teeth, swoosh it around like mouthwash, chew on it a bit and down the hatch. Exhale with your mouth closed.

Wow! Flavor explosion in your whole head, right?

Explanation: Fourth-grade science – taste is smell, right? There’s a passageway at the back of your throat that leads to your nasal cavity, so pulling the air in gets your nose involved and suddenly the wine is much more flavorful! And, notice what it does for the aftertaste! It seems to go on and on…

If you really want to taste the wine, this is the way to go! If this was so intense that it was nearly painful for you, this should be a one time experience. You are probably part of the 1/4 of the population with more taste buds than the rest of us – a “hyper-sensitive taster” (thank you Tim Hanni).

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