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Seven Cool Things About Zinfandel

by David on January 3, 2011

1. It’s THE California heritage grape. Before prohibition, it was the number one wine grape in California and the vast majority of red wines were Zinfandel based. Today, it’s number three.

2. Why so popular for over a century? It’s delicious! Expect ripe, spicy, very-berry flavors: raspberry, boysenberry, bramble, pepper and spice. The list goes on… It’s often pleasantly jammy!

3. Tastes great when it’s young. The best can be aged, but to get the fruit drink it young.

4. Zinfandel and Primitivo have the same DNA (this discovery thanks to your tax dollars at work) 😉 From its original home in Croatia, it traveled to southern Italy, where they called it Primitivo, and to the east coast, where it had several different names, yea, long ago. It came to California some time during the gold rush and we finally settled on the name Zinfandel.

5. It’s really fun with food! Great with pizza and tomato-based dishes. Perfect for barbecued almost anything!

6. You can taste an amazing number of Zinfandels later this month at the Zap festival!

7. Our podcast interview with the president of ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) goes live tomorrow!

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