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Serving Temperatures for White Wine

by David on November 30, 2010

The catch phrase is “serve whites chilled”, right? On a hot day, that’s a great idea! But, when you have a special bottle you want to be sure to get what you paid for. If it’s too cold that’s not going to happen. Think about it: when you make a pot of soup you can smell it all over the house. The left-over soup, straight out of the fridge doesn’t seem to have any aroma at all. It’s because it’s too cold. So – for that high-quality white, cool, not cold, is our suggestion. Somewhere in the low to mid 50s works well. But, this is only a suggestion! The wine is yours to enjoy as you see fit. We just can’t afford to waste our money… And, when it’s a hot day and you want ice-cold wine or you want to plunk an ice cube in just buy something simple and inexpensive and plunk away! Cheers! More on wine service at home


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