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Reynolds Gorsuch – In Memorial

by David on February 21, 2010

In Memorial – It’s been one year to the day… Reynolds Gorsuch passed away.

Reynolds Gorsuch

Rey Gorsuch, medical device inventor and founder of Goosecross Cellars passed away peacefully of natural causes on February 21, 2009 in his Yountville home.

During his 33 years in Yountville, Rey guided his team at Transvivo in Napa to develop an artificial, pocket-sized kidney, an immensely promising invention that is currently being tested on patients and pending FDA approval. Over the years, he developed numerous systems for therapeutic cure of congestive heart failure, kidney dialysis, and therapeutic apheresis. Rey was also instrumental in developing a catheter called Slow Continuous Intracorporeal Plasmapheresis (SCIP) which prevents fluid overload in congestive heart failure patients and is helpful in treating kidney disease and organ failure.

During his 56 year career as an engineer and inventor, Rey held over 100 patents on various medical devices from incubators, to radiant shields for burn victims, a blood pressure transducer, ventilators, heat shields, inhalers, medical pumps for edema, monitoring equipment for hospitals, pulmonary diagnostic machines, heart monitors, resuscitators , and the power supply for artificial hearts. Rey’s lifetime of accomplishments is a fitting legacy for a man that gave everything he had to help people improve the comfort and quality of their lives.

As Founder of Goosecross Cellars, Rey served as a mentor to Geoff and David and was often sought out for his advice and visionary thinking. He created the preliminary design for the ÆROS winged label and was a guiding force in Goosecross’ tour and wine education programs. He delighted people with his viticulture tours, his stories of the native Wappo Indian history, obsidian artifacts, and his dedication to growing and producing the best quality wines in all of Napa.

Rey is greatly missed by his family and friends who have benefitted so much from his ingenuity and compassion for all.

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