Tilapia in Livornese Sauce
  Goosecross Cellars Recipe for Chardonnay  
4-6 tilapia filets (or mahi mahi)
1 medium size onion, coarse chopped
6 large garlic cloves, chopped
2 heaping tablespoons of capers
Black and/or green olives to taste, coarse chopped
8 ounces of tomato puree
ΒΌ cup of virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 cup of Goosecross Chardonnay or more (use when sauce starts drying)

Directions :
Place all the ingredients except the fish in a deep frying pan and cook in low heat for about 25 min. Add the wine as needed. After the cooking period, turn the heat off and let the sauce cool for about 15 min.

Season the fish with salt and pepper. Please be aware that both the olives and capers are salted. Go easy on the salt, if you do not like too much salt.

Turn the heat on to medium, and when the sauce starts to boil turn the heat to low, and place the fillets in the sauce. Cook the fillets for about 5 min. Flip them over and cook for another 5 min, or more depending on the thickness of the fillets. The sauce should be kept moist and thick. Serve the fillets with the sauce on top.

This dish goes well with sliced zucchini cooked in the same sauce with more Chardonnay because the zucchini takes much longer to cook. I usually take some of the cooked sauce and fry the zucchini in another pan while the sauce is cooling.
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