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Q: How to pronounce French wine names?

by David on December 6, 2008

Question from Russ: I am unable to find a website that has a pronuciation link for French wine labels. For instance, how do you pronounce Echezeaux?

Reply: Hi, Russ! Thanks for writing! I think we all “feel your pain” 😉 I’m sure that the French will forgive us for our mispronunciations, just as we forgive theirs. And, sometimes we have fun with it, for instance, pronouncing Lynch-Bages as “lunch bags” on purpose!

Personally, I’d feel kind of pretentious pronouncing Chateau Mouton-Rothschild the way Berry Bros and Rudd does on this page, but it’s correct. In ‘Mercan it comes out moo-tawn roths-child 😉 As far as I can tell, they only help with Bordeaux pronunciations, so they don’t have Echezeaux or any other Burgundy wines. I found a site with French pronunciation, in general, that might help. We usually just say: esh-eh-zoh (accent on first syllable) and hope it’s not too far off. Just say it really fast and slightly nasal and it will be very convincing 😉 No matter how you say it, YUMMMM!!! Do you have some? Care to share???

Can anyone help Russ? Merci beaucoup (mercy buckets)!  Santé

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