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Pruning 101

by David on March 3, 2008

It’s March – I know these vines look like they’re dead right now, but they could wake up and start growing, literally, any minute, just like the roses in your garden. So, it’s time to get this business of pruning wrapped up. Geoff, our Winemaker, foolishly agreed to show us how it’s done. 😉 He’s a very patient man!

First, a little carbo-loading for the arduous task ahead:

Geoff explains the theory and, with trepidation, hands over the pruning shears to Mark, our Tasting Room Manager, downtown, at Wineries of Napa Valley.

We managed to come out of it with all digits intact 😉

So – the theory, according to Geoff Gorsuch: “For each vine, it’s a balancing act – getting a leaf-canopy to cluster ratio that’s appropriate for the vigor of the vine and the site. Balanced vines make balanced wine.”



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