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Pairing Wine with Music – Why Not?

by David on January 26, 2010

It’s so hard to stay ahead of the curve on this stuff. Yes, pairing wine with music has been buzzing so loud on the blogosphere and on Twitter that it’s bound to become passé any minute now. Heck you can even get a free app called “Wine DJ“, believe it or not!

But, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun! I did a little poll among all 15 staff members, here at Goosecross. Some kinda said, “Yeah, I’ll think about it… NOT”, but others really went for it!

Remarkable coincidence: Two co-workers, answering completely independently, came up with exactly the same recommendation for our Sauvignon Blanc, so this definitely needs a mention: Lady Gaga, Poker Face Better try it, stat! Of course, any other Sauvignon and your head blows up so don’t risk it 😉

I loved the fact that some of us oldsters went with performers like Lady Gaga and the Millennials came up with the Beach Boys (Kokomo – with Viognier – perfect – tropical!) and Bobby Vinton???? Yes! Blue Velvet with Chenin Blanc – “soft and sweet” were the comments.

Another take on Viognier? Sia, Breathe Me – remarks: “exotic, different, lush” Oooooh…

ÆROS, our proprietary blend: Frank Sinatra, I Did it My Way – kinda clever :-)

Sparkling wine: Colbie Callait, Bubbly – “sparkly, happy, celebratory” Stuffed shirts, elsewhere, have insisted on Vivaldi for sparkling wine. In fact many seem to want to perpetuate the snooty image that seems to surround wine by insisting on classical music only. But, what’s wrong with listening to Metallica while you pound down a monster Zin that’s upwards of 15%? 😉

So, readers, we’ve got the ball rolling. Take it and run with it! Report back, ASAP!

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