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Open That Bottle Night Strikes Again!

by David on February 19, 2009

You know who you are. You’re one of those people who’s hording a very special bottle of wine for reasons known only to you. Maybe it has sentimental value. Maybe it cost so much that you’re afraid it has you outclassed 😉 Whatever… The point is that this beverage has been placed on a such a lofty pedestal that there’s simply no occasion good enough for it.

Enter my favorite wine columnists, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher. They’re here to help you. On February 26, 2000, they established what has become a marvelous tradition, and great excuse to over-indulge, called “Open That Bottle Night”. Marching orders: Don’t be silly! It’s just wine, after all… Have yourself a fabulous meal and pop that baby open!

Now, maybe you’re one of those who likes to save the good stuff for yourself, like Nixon, which calls for an extremely intimate dinner party of one. Brings to mind the sad image of Miles, in Sideways, drinking that Ch. Cheval Blanc out of a paper cup all by himself.

Or, instead, you’re the person who, once he realizes he has permission to indulge, can’t wait to trot that coveted wine out and share it with his nearest and dearest. Imagine the potential Bacchanalia if each of those loved ones brings a special bottle of his own.  Whoo-hoo!!!!

In any case, it’s just over a week away, so get busy! Get thee to thy wine storage area, pluck that special bottle down from its celestial perch and have yourself a blast on Feb 28!  Cheers!

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