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Napa Valley: Great Wine, Small Valley!

by David on December 20, 2010

If you ask someone how much of California’s wine comes from Napa Valley, they usually come back with something like 80% or 90%. It’s a natural mistake, since the wine is so well known. But, actually, only 4% of California’s wine is grown here – this is one small valley! At just over 30 miles in length and 4 miles wide at the widest point, we don’t have the real estate to make a lot of wine.

So, why is the wine so famous? Because it’s really goooood! Kind of like a Rolls Royce. Everyone knows it’s a wonderful car, but there aren’t very many of them, are there? Luckily, our wine doesn’t approach the cost of that Rolls!

We’d love to grab credit for the wonderful wines but, as you might guess, it’s all about soil and climate. We’re blessed with a great combination and it’s our job to make the most of it!

Good bit of trivia to spring on your dinner guests! More on the Napa Valley AVA.


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