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Last-minute stocking stuffers for the wine-geeks on your list

by David on December 19, 2008

So, we’re less than one week out. High anxiety… Afraid you can’t get it done… Feeling mildly irritable… Yup, panic has officially set in. So much to do and only, really, 5 days left to do it.

You know what’s hardest for me? Stocking stuffers! Fun, clever things, to bring a smile to the face, that aren’t too big and don’t cost too much.

I’m afraid the wine lovers in my circle are incredibly jaded, by now, and likely to snicker at most wine related hoo-ha I might be tempted to stuff in their stockings. Let’s face it – the vast majority of wine gadgets available eat up valuable drawer space and are essentially useless.

So – this is a highly selective list of useful things that are also inexpensive and will easily fit into the stocking of that hard-to-please wino. You can pick these up at your local wine shop, bookstore or maybe even the hardware store (at least our hardware store carries wine stuff – is that a local quirk?). Failing that, there’s always 2-day air from Amazon or Wine Enthusiast…

My top 10 suggestions:

1. Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2009 Actually, I defy anyone to snicker at this handy little reference that fits in your back pocket or purse.

2. Champagne stopper(s) You can never have too many of these because they’re always getting lost (don’t ask me how – just do what I do – blame the cat).

3. Wine Away (purse sized) This stuff really works! Never go wine-tasting without this magic potion that takes the stains out of your poor, burgundy-spotted shirt!

4. Gift certificate from Goosecross at a 25% discount! You’ll appear to be even more generous than you are 😉 Just call 800-276-9210 or shop online using promo code GC1208 and get a $100.00 certificate for only $75.00. Oh! You can get larger (but not smaller) amounts, too, also at a 25% discount. No expiration on these babies. Very cool!

5. Private Preserve This is another thing you’re always happy to have around (spray it into partial bottle so it doesn’t spoil).

6. Foil Cutter(s) Every time I have to remove the foil with the old waiter’s corkscrew, I wish I had one of these in my pocket.

7. The Pocket Screwpull Requires zero skill and an equal amount of  physical strength. Plus, it isn’t the size of a house – my personal fave!

8. Micro-fiber cloths to dry your wine glasses. No more lint all over the place!

9. De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Table This is a really fun poster with info about at least a zillion varieties. If you recognize every grape on this chart, seriously, you need to get a life! Great for your cellar or wine-storage area.  We have it – come see us! Or try Amazon.

10. An actual bottle of delicious wine! This will, of course, fill up the stocking, but you’ve accomplished two good things: 1) solved your problem 2) made someone really happy!

Happy hunting! And stuffing! And, to quote friend, Diane, ” I wish you the loveliest of Christmas memories and pray that our New Year will bring the world as many miracles as possible”.

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