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How Do I Know How Long to Age my Wine?

by David on December 11, 2010

That’s a tough question because every wine ages at its own pace and the storage conditions have a lot to do with it. The easiest thing to do? Call us! Or whatever producer. Or send an email. You’re not bothering us – there’s nothing we like better than hearing from our customers!

We can’t account for your storage conditions, but we can tell you how the wine is doing under optimal conditions. The less ideal your storage situation, the less you should expect in terms of longevity. Now, if you have several bottles of the same wine, you have the luxury of popping one from time to time to see how it’s coming along. That’s ideal because not everyone has the same idea of “peak” flavors. You  decide on “best”. And it’s fun, too, if you can remember what it was like last time you tasted it. Has it changed a little or a lot? If you want to enter the realm of the truly geeky, you start keeping notes 😉 If you have just one bottle, best to set a conservative date and down the hatch! More on aging and storage


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