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ÆROS® Artisan Series

ÆROS® Bottle

The ÆROS® artisan wines are now primarily made from grapes grown in our Yountville Estate, State Lane® vineyard, in the Yountville Appellation. This unique series is devoted to an extremely limited wine production, just 200 cases of Meritage – a flavorful blend of five classic Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. Prior to the Meritage, ÆROS® was produced as a multi-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and there have been special releases of ÆROS® Merlot and Late Harvest Chardonnay along the way.

The goal remains to make an extraordinary series of wine that combines the intellectual aspects of wine, history, and the arts, while pursuing the sensual expression of purpose, form, and passion that embodies the mystery and magic of wine. When you experience this wine in it’s totality, we think you’ll agree that ÆROS® represents the beauty of these elements combined in one.

The ÆROS® bottle is graced by a unique metal-winged label, forged from bronze and nickel, and each applied by hand. The wings are designed to bear a likeness of Psyche, the goddess of beauty who symbolizes sensual desire and intellectual pursuit. ÆROS®, the winged god of love, fell in love with Psyche, and it was their desire, passion, seduction, and eventual marriage that brought love to the earth. As the story continues, it was through this love that Psyche gained the mystical powers of turning water into extraordinary fine wine.


Winemaker Geoff Gorsuch combines the artistries of winemaking and wine bottle design to create the ÆROS® series for collectors of fine wines. The innovative label was introduced with vintage 1992 and is the first metal label in the industry. All wines bottled with the ÆROS® label “earned their wings” by surviving the tough scrutiny of our focus group made of winemakers and friends.


Ae (Æ) is a ligature that occurs in many alphabets including the Old English alphabet. We use this ligature for ÆROS® because Goosecross derives from the winemaker’s name, Gorsuch, which in Old English means, “where the goose crossed the stream.”

The ÆROS® label has become a design classic, uniting the visual arts with the art of winemaking as prominently featured in Jeffrey Caldeway’s acclaimed book, “Icon: The Art of the Wine Label.”


With pride, Goosecross owners David and Colleen Topper and Geoff Gorsuch invite you to participate in the pleasure of ÆROS®. Celebrate the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies by which we live, and commemorate love, pleasure and lasting relationships.

In the many years since it was first created, ÆROS® has repeatedly captivated and intrigued collectors of fine wines. Prepare to be swept away.

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