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Father’s Day Entertaining

by David on July 7, 2009

Colleen has designed a delicious 3-course meal for David and the family to enjoy, but first, what instigated the Father’s Day holiday?

David with his son Ryan in the Goosecross vineyardThe Father’s Day celebration, like Mother’s Day, was inspired by a grateful child. William Smart was an unknown civil war veteran who settled on a farm, with his family, in eastern Washington State. He was widowed when his wife died in childbirth and left to raise his six children with only the help of his one daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd.

Later, Mrs. Dodd, then in her mid-twenties with a family of her own, was struck by a sermon she heard on the importance of the newly-established Mother’s Day holiday. She thought about all of her father’s work, sacrifice and devotion in being both father and mother for his children and proposed a day to honor our fathers in June, the month of her father’s birth. The first unofficial Fathers’ Day was on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

As the celebration increased in popularity, President Coolidge was supportive of declaring a national holiday but, as they say, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. Finally, in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson officially proclaimed Father’s Day a national holiday. Today, Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world, perhaps in different ways and at different times, but appreciation for Dad is universal.

Father’s Day Menu

Italian Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette
Pasta Con Pesto
Grilled Italian Sausages
Balsamic Strawberries with Cracked Pepper & Crème Fraiche
Serve with Goosecross Zinfandel

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