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February 2009

Open That Bottle Night Strikes Again!

by David on February 19, 2009

You know who you are. You’re one of those people who’s hording a very special bottle of wine for reasons known only to you. Maybe it has sentimental value. Maybe it cost so much that you’re afraid it has you outclassed 😉 Whatever… The point is that this beverage has been placed on a such […]


NVWR® 78 – Mushrooms!

by David on February 10, 2009

In this episode, our good friend Sherry Page of Culinary Getaways delves into the world of mushroom foraging. Renowned forager, Connie Green of Wine Forest Mushrooms tells Sherry about the mushrooms that can be found here in Napa Valley and shares some of her favorite recipes including her recipe for chanterelle vodka!


In the cellar today – Topping Barrels

by David on February 9, 2009

Topping up barrels is a year-round necessity, if somewhat mind numbing. I suppose it’s a great opportunity to run through the entire play list on your ipod or hear your co-worker’s life story… The great thing about barrels is that they let the wine evaporate, which causes the evolution we treasure. The bad thing about […]